Antônio's Neighbour

On the brink of death, popular and gallant Antônio, a former vocalist of a rock band, wants to reconcile with Nica, his only and great love. For this purpose, he resorts to every artifice to bring her back to his deathbed. Nica remains resilient despite harassment and threats from her neighbours and denies to act according to the will of the moribund. Whilst reacting to the game of seduction, she continues to reveal her wrath towards the one who humiliated her in front of the whole town. As she continues to unveil details from her past, she does not hide the fact that she spent twenty years of her life fervently willing Antônio’s death. Her desire to see him die was so overwhelming that she spent several years of hard work until she managed to buy a contiguous house to her foe. Now, eventually, her desire for revenge will come true..